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Would you like to learn more miscellaneous facts about the author? Here are just a few:

Victoria played the clarinet throughout her school years, and later took flute lessons.

She loves "W" words. Some of her favorite words are: whimsical, willow, wizened.

Victoria also enjoys alliteration: the use of words that begin with the same consonant.

She has three grown sons who have all earned their college degrees; she's a proud mom.

If you have a particular question you'd like Victoria to answer, you may contact her at

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel; that's where you'll find a video trailer for each of my previous books!

Below are two photographs from our 2017 trip to Alaska that inspired The Night of the North.



Here are a few photos from my trip to Europe in 2014. Many of the sites I researched in England, France, (Italy, and Scotland, not pictured), will be included in my new children's book series: The Time Travel Tales of Livvi Biddle.


Giverny—Monet's House

Paris—Notre Dame Cathedral