Hello dear family and friends,

As my writer journey continues, I'm reminded of my blessings along the way. Thanks so much to each of you for your friendship and support! Please don't hesitate to contact me with your thoughts or questions. Here are some recent highlights, as well as an update:

The first weekend of fall I traveled to Silverton, OR to attend the SCBWI Fall Retreat for writers and illustrators at the beautiful Oregon Garden.

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Fountain Fall-colored roses

Click here to read more about my awesome experience from my blog, Writ of Whimsy.

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Early in October I spent an afternoon at the newly developed Vancouver Waterfront Park in my historic hometown.

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The Columbia River & Interstate Bridge

The reason I include this information, is due to a story I have outlined: Livvi Biddle—Nimbus over Normandy. (My protagonist and her friends time-travel to France!) It's the second installment in my proposed middle grade series for children. In my story, Livvi lives along the Columbia River, where she and her friends experience a miscellany of escapades. The book is set in the fictionalized community of Steamboat Landing, loosely-based on Vancouver, WA.

I love being inspired to include elements of my hometown in the series!

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Last month we traveled to Guatemala with Art Ambassador for a Colorful World and Xela AID—we had a fantastic time!

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The first time we met our Xela AID sponsor child, Catarina The landscape around San Martin, Guatemala, is beautiful!

To learn more about my experience in Guatemala, as well as the new story that the trip inspired, click here to read my in depth blog post.

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By the way, since I mention different projects from time to time, here is a quick overview of my writing history:

Published works:

Scandanavian Santa Willaby Creek Journey to Snowdonia
The Scandinavian Santa The Tale of Willaby Creek (MG Novel) Journey to Snowdonia

Current works in progress:
  • The Whim of Winter (Text completed—needs editing; Illustrations not yet finished)
  • Livvi Biddle—The Secret at Stonehenge (MG Novel)—Completed, submitting to agents
  • Livvi Biddle - Nimbus over Normandy (MG Novel)—Outlined, only
  • Cloud Mountain—(MG Novel) Outlined; currently writing
As you can see, I enjoy having multiple projects in the works.

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Since 2014, my husband and I have participated in Scanfair in Portland, OR during the holidays. Once again we had a grand time! It's been a fantastic venue to sell our Lindstrom Wintertime Tales.

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Speaking of our Wintertime Tales, here's an illustration from The Scandinavian Santa for you to enjoy this holiday season—one of my favorites.

December newsletter
By Michael Lindstrom—Copyright 2014

Wishing you and yours, the love, joy, and peace of the holiday season!



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