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The Sibylline Scroll

The Time Travel Tales of Livvi Biddle

The Sibylline Scroll

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Livvi Biddle has never believed in the supernatural, fairy tales, or hocus-pocus of any kind. Her humdrum life consists of resisting the rude remarks of the neighborhood bully, dealing with her demented granny, and grappling with grief after the unexpected death of her mother. But when she encounters the ghost of her beloved mother, and learns an eerie bit of family history, the eleven-year-old girl is caught up in the magical realm indeed. And when she travels to Great Britain and receives a mysterious locket from her paternal grandmother, things only become more bizarre. While Livvi and her father visit Stonehenge, the unsuspecting girl is briefly thrust back in time where she meets an iconic world leader. Livvi must discover why these extraordinary events are occurring, while unbeknownst to her, a strange and sinister being with the Sibylline Scroll plots to end her life.

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