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Victoria Lindstrom

Victoria grew up in Washington State under a forest of evergreen giants. She spent hours hiking hidden nature trails, and enjoyed riding her bicycle along the rural road by the banks of the Columbia River.

Victoria is a bit of an introvert, so she grew up penning poems and reading loads of books. She dreamed of traveling to the imaginary worlds and far off places she read about in wonderful novels written by a variety of authors.

She graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene, but writing was always a part of her life. During her dental career Victoria had two poems on spirituality published. Reading to her three young sons throughout that time was one of the joys of her life. Due to a career-ending injury, her profession as a dental hygienist was cut short. The wrist injury turned out to be a great turn of events. It was at that time that she embarked on a path of writing children's stories full time.

Along the way, Victoria was lucky enough to visit the monoliths of Stonehenge in England; enjoy a gondola ride down the Grand Canal of Venice in Italy; smell the scents at Claude Monet's garden in France; tread through the siq that leads to Petra in Jordan; and ponder her life Victoria Lindstrom at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. These eclectic travels; her love of literature; as well as her passion for the natural world; have all seasoned her life as a storyteller. She loves offering readers a "window to the world" through her writing with the hope of broadening their understanding of other cultures—all while their imaginations are whisked away and entertained with magical and mysterious places.

Victoria still lives in Washington State with her husband Michael, where they share their bucolic property with a small family of black-tailed deer.

To learn some additional fun facts about Victoria, visit her Extras page.

Member: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)  SCBWI